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About Counselling

When you feel isolated, under stress or experiencing problems it can help to talk to a professional. I can provide you with a safe and confidential place in which to explore your feelings and thoughts without fear of being judged or rejected.

My approach is psychodynamic which means that difficulties in the present may have its roots in the past. Exploring and understanding recurring patterns of behaviour and relationships is the first step towards increased awareness and change in perception. Ultimately, this might lead to more freedom of thoughts and decision making; often with higher self-esteem as a result. Sometimes, patterns of behaviour might also be present in the consulting room. The relationship between the therapist and client is therefore essential, as it can provide an additional opportunity working with those patterns.

I will not tell you what to do or give advice, but will offer guidance to enable you to make your own choices. When appropriate I might also use some cognitive tools, e.g.. to cope with panic attacks or depression. Starting therapy can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you feel unsure of what is expected of you. This is normal, although as time goes by you may also find that therapy can be a great source of support.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Therapy can be helpful to people who find it difficult to be themselves with others. It can show the way to having more authentic and healthy relationships and sustaining them. It can be particularly useful in dealing with low self-esteem, anxiety, panic or depression. Furthermore, at times of big life changes, for example: redundancy, divorce, moving house/country or bereavement, therapy can help dealing with the loss as well as finding a way forward.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Therapy is a process that can take some time. As we are all different the outcome will not be the same for everyone. However, usually
the benefits might include: greater self awareness with increased self esteem, increased ability to recognise destructive patterns and changing them, reduced anxiety, healthier and more authentic relationships, a feeling of inner strength and peace.

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